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Re: Directors of Sponsored Programs Offices--Chair of IRB? Rebecca Sutcliffe 01 Apr 2002 11:41 EST
Hi Jim:
I served as the Chair of our IRB until we applied for our Federal Wide
Assurance. At that time, OHRP told me it was a conflict and I stepped down in
favor of the Vice President of Student Affairs, who was already on the IRB as a
member and was quite familiar with the issues. Our office still serves as a
coordinating function for this VP, who had a hard time convincing his office to
take it on. He oversees and monitors the whole process: our office keeps the
records, sends out memos, and does the administrative up-keep generally. I still
serve on the IRB ex-officio.

"Casey, James" wrote:

> I have been approached by my boss to serve as the chair of our IRB
> committee.  Aware of the potential for conflict of interest, how many of you
> out there know of or actually are chairs of your IRB?  Please let me know if
> you serve in a voting capacity or a non-voting/ex-officio capacity.  Feel
> free to email me directly at if you want.
> Thank you.  Jim
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