Rejected proposal reviews John H. Galivan 20 Nov 2001 08:53 EST


In response to your query concerning reviewing rejected research proposals
I would like to add my support to Charlie Hathaway's response. For
background, I currently direct our research office, have a funded research
program, and serve on study sections. Charlie's comment concerning the
difficulty of staff with administrative background dealing with the
scientific entity or IDEA is a good one. Much of the criticism is obscure
and detailed and it can also be wrong.
To make matters more complicated the summary statements can be quite
subjective and it is very difficult for any one who is not from the same
area of research sort out the substantial from the trivial criticisms.
A problem you may also encounter is acquiesence by all PIs to sharing
summary statements.
Our procedure  is to offer advice to PIs who have been rejected with the
purpose of strengthening the application. This is done by getting a copy of
the proposal and summary statement and making recommendations on a
one-on-one basis. However this is usually done with a staff scientist in a
similar discipline if possible.

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