Salary Overloads Larry Smith 19 Nov 2001 14:42 EST

Hello all -

Wichita State University is reviewing our salary overload policy (salary
payments in excess of 100% for nine months Academic Year or in excess of
100% for three months summer).  W have always allowed overloads, especially
if a faculty member receives a grant salary in the middle of an academic
year and teaching loads cannot be adjusted.  However, recently, we have
several faculty that are in "hot" research areas, and are receiving multiple
grants which are in excess of 100% of their effort and they are still
teaching one or two courses.  Therefore, they have an overload for the
entire academic year and/or summer.

Does your university allow overload salary payments such as these and what
are your requirements/limitations?  All replies are appreciated.

Larry Smith, CRA
Associate Director
Wichita State University

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