Smithsonian Grant Administrator Job Opening Karen Otiji 15 Nov 2001 12:58 EST
The position outlined below has been reopened to extend the
ending date to 30 November 2001.  If you have previously
applied, you do not need to submit another application.

The Smithsonian Institution's Office of Sponsored Projects
is advertising for a Grant and Contract Administrator
(pre-award).  Details of the vacancy announcement are
outlined below.

The Smithsonian is a non-profit organization. In FY 2001,
it has received over $150 million dollars in grant and
contract awards.  This position is part of a staff of 6 in a
pre/post award office of 15 people.  The salary range is
$44,352 - $53,156 per annum, and the benefit package
includes enrollment in the TIAA-CREF retirement program.

If you have any questions about the position, please direct
them to (phone 202-275-0677) or to the
Office of Human Resources as directed in the job


 Office of Human Resources

24 HOUR DIAL-A-JOB: (202) 287-3102


DATE:     September 21, 2001

 REVISED CLOSING DATE:     November 30,

TITLE/                          ORGANIZATION                            ANNOUNCEMENT
GRADE                                                                   NUMBER

Grant and Contract Administrator                Smithsonian
Institution                     01DT-1271
IS-1101-11/12                           Office of Sponsored
Salary: $44,352-$53,156
[Promotion Potential to IS-13 if
hired at the IS-11 or 12 level]

*Multiple positions may be filled from this
DUTY LOCATION:  Washington,  DC

AREA OF CONSIDERATION:   All qualified candidates including
qualified individuals with a disability.  The Smithsonian
provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with
disabilities.  If you need reasonable accommodations for the
application/hiring process, please call (202) 275-1102
(voice) or (202) 275-1110 (TTY).

DUTIES: The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is a primary
point of administrative interface between the Smithsonian,
public and private organizations that provide funds for
research, exhibitions and other sponsored activities and
Federal government officers charged with writing/enforcing
regulations related to research funded through grants and
contracts.  The incumbent is principally responsible for
five main areas of work: (1) those tasks generated by the
development of new and maintenance of existing OSP
pre-proposal functions; (2) those tasks related to the
preparation of proposals for submission to governmental
agencies, foundations, corporations and other funding
institutions; (3) those tasks related to the negotiation of
awards with sponsors ; (4) those tasks generated by the
administration of grants and contracts; and (5) staff
assignments in support of OSP or special assignments from
the Director and/or the Supervisor.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicants must possess one year of
specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade
level.  Specialized experience is defined as experience
which is in or directly  related to the line of work of the
position to be filled and which has equipped the candidate
with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to
perform successfully the duties of the position.

 Selective Factors:   (Applicants must reply to and meet
all of these mandatory requirements in order to be
considered qualified to compete for a position.)
1.      Knowledge of grant and contract administration
theories, principles and practices.
2.      Experience with database design and report
development, as well as maintenance of database systems
(Access and Crystal Reports preferred).
3.      Experience developing proposal budgets (spreadsheet
software experience preferred), and experience negotiating
award terms and conditions with various federal and private

Quality Ranking Factors:  (These factors are  not mandatory
to be considered for a position, but will be used to
determine who are the highest qualified candidates among
those who meet the selective factors.)

1.      Skill in problem solving, handling multiple tasks
concurrently, and working in teams.
2.      Skill in oral communication to recommend, explain,
and implement complex procedures, policies, guidelines, and
requirements in coordination and completion of multiple
assignments  within short time frames.
3.      Skill in written communication to prepare proposal
budgets, grant and contract award documents, memoranda and
4.      Knowledge of Access and Crystal Reports software.
5.      Knowledge of accounting principles and methods of
audit resolution.


How to Apply:

1.      The Smithsonian Institution does not require a
standard application form, but we need certain information
to evaluate your qualifications.  You may apply using a
resume, the Optional Application for Federal Employment, or
any other written application form you choose, including an
SF-171, Application for Federal Employment.  See page 3 for
further instructions.  (Note:  If you use an SF-171, do not
answer questions 38-47.  Job finalists will be asked to
complete a Declaration for Federal Employment.  The
information on this form will be used to determine
suitability for Trust Fund employment and to authorize a
background investigation, if required.)
2.      Clearly describe in your resume or application your
work experience, education and/or training as it relates to
this vacancy.  It is very important that you fully address
how your work experience and education/training meet both
the specialized experience requirement and the selective
factors.  This information will be used to determine whether
or not you are qualified for this vacancy.  Selective
factors establish qualifications to be eligible to compete
for the position.  Quality Ranking Factors are not mandatory
but are used to determine who are the highest qualified
candidates among those eligible to compete for the position.
 Therefore, it is to your benefit to provide a full
description of your experience, education/training relative
to the job requirements of this vacancy.
3.      The attached Background Survey Questionnaire should
be completed by all candidates, except Smithsonian
Institution employees, and returned with the application.
This form is for gathering statistical data and will not be
a part of the application.

Applications must be received by the closing date and may
be submitted in the following ways:
Mail: Smithsonian Institution, Office of Human Resources,
P.O. Box 50638, Washington, DC 20091.
FAX: 202-275-1114.
Hand Deliver or FEDEX: 750 Ninth Street, N.W., Suite 6100,
Washington, DC 20091.

To obtain information on the Trust Fund Hiring Process,
hear about other Smithsonian vacancies, or request vacancy
announcements, an Optional Application for Federal
Employment (OF-612), or an SF-171 (may be used for Trust
Fund positions), call our automated Jobline on (202)
287-3102 (accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week).

For further information please call (202) 275-1000 (voice)
or (202) 275-1110 (TTY).

Page 2, 01DT-1271       130,150,375

Karen Elliott Otiji, MGA, CRA
Grant & Contract Administrative Manager
Office of Sponsored Projects
Smithsonian Institution
750 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC  20560-0903
direct phone: (202) 275-0677
main phone (202) 275-0840
fax: (202) 275-0497