Bio-Hazard safety, Policies and Education Programs Mary Watson 15 Nov 2001 10:50 EST

Well, another element has been added to my day - I need access to policies
(current and working) on Bio-Hazards Safety for small universities with
labs that are appropriate for pathogenic agent research (new bio/chem
building).  If any one of you has a policy and educational programs you
would like to share please either point me in the direction of your web
site, allow me access to read and perhaps copy, or send items to me via
e-mail attachment.  I will be eternally grateful.  Thanks.

Please communicate directly with me so that we don't use up so much time
and space for everyone on the listserv.  Thanks.

Mary Watson

Mary H. Watson
Director, Grants and Contracts
Room 215, Regional Center for Continuing Education
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA  31698

229-333-7837 (phone)
229-245-3853 (Fax)

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