technical writer Dillinger, Teresa 08 Nov 2001 15:22 EST

Hi Folks-

Do any departments out there in research land have a technical writer on
staff?  Our definition of a "technical writer" would be a person that
assists with the editing of proposals ("making them pretty").  If yes, where
is he/she housed, how many PIs/Departments do they serve and do you have a
job description for this position that you can share?  We are looking at
ways to assist with proposal development/completion here at UF in
Jacksonville; the "one-stop shopping" idea if you will.  Any assistance
would be greatly appreciated.

Teresa Carr Dillinger
Coordinator, Research Programs & Services
University of Florida, HSC Jacksonville
Office of Research Affairs
653-1 West 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL  32209-6511
Tel: (904) 244-6693
Fax: (904) 244-6844

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