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Pre-award vs. post-award Valrey Kettner 07 Nov 2001 14:23 EST

Pre-award vs. post-award Valrey Kettner 07 Nov 2001 14:23 EST

Greetings from North Dakota State University!

I know this question has come up in the past, but I'd like to revisit it,
with your indulgence.

How is the post-award accounting for sponsored programs handled at your
institution?  Is it part of the pre-award office (under a VP for Research)
or is it separate (under a VP for Business & Finance)?

For those of you that have gone from one model to another, either at your
present institution or from one institution to another, what are the
primary issues/concerns/advantages/disadvantages?

Currently at NDSU, the two offices are separate and report to different
VP's.  We are in the same building, but our research enterprise will be
moving to the Research and Technology Park in the next few months.  This
presents some interesting questions.  What makes it even more interesting,
is that currently the post-award accounting office reviews all the proposal
budgets prior to our review, approval and sign-off.  While we are in the
same building this doesn't pose a problem.  But once the research pre-award
offices move, it becomes a logistical nightmare and severely impacts our
customer service.

I'm truly interested in hearing how other institutions have structured
their organization for pre- and post-award.  We are anxious to learn from
our peers!

If you would like to reply directly to me, I can post a summary of the
responses later.  I can be reached at xxxxxx@ndsu.nodak.edu.  Or, feel
free to give me a call at (701) 231-9608.

Thank you in advance for your responses!

Valrey V. Kettner
Assistant Vice President
Sponsored Programs Administration

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