NSF Federal Support Report Valerie Seaquist 01 Nov 2001 09:42 EST

Good Morning --

Does anyone out there check the accuracy of the Federal support reported in
the NSF publication "Federal Science & Engineering Support to Universities,
Colleges & Nonprofit Institutions" and how do you resolve discrepancies? We
are looking at the FY1999 report (the latest) and noticed on Table B-17,
"Federal Obligations for Science & Engineering Research & Development (R&D
to Universities & Colleges by State, Institution, and Agency"), that there
are several discrepancies that we can't explain. (It is my understanding
that this information is provided by the funding agency, not our
university.) In one instance, the funding agency is reporting $9M less than
we know we received in FY'99 and in another the agency is reporting that we
received about $1.5M more than we know we received in FY'99.

Enlighten is always appreciated! Thanks!

Val Seaquist
Office of Research Administration
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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