Position open at the Univ. Of Minnesota Sheryl Goldberg 28 Sep 2001 10:40 EST

Information Systems Coordinator for Sponsored Programs Administration

The purpose of this job is to provide leadership and support for the
ongoing use of the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) within the
office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA).  EGMS incorporates a
number of separate systems related to the overall management of
sponsored program activity at the University of Minnesota, such as
Proposal preparation, routing and approval of forms, internal SPA
management system, compliance databases, faculty expertise database,
etc.  The EGMS Coordinator in SPA has the responsibility for providing
guidance and support to EGMS users, particularly as it relates to
preparation of proposal forms and routing of proposal forms and the
internal proposal and award management system within SPA.  Users are
within SPA and also faculty and administrators across the University.
This position will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating the
continued development and implementation of EGMS topics related to SPA,
assist with the identification of functional requirements necessary to
enable efficient and effective SPA business processes and function as
the system administrator for EGMS in SPA.  The EGMS Coordinator in SPA
will work as a liaison between funding agencies relative to electronic
research administration issues.  He/she will also work with SPA
employees, Sponsored Financial Reporting (SFR) employees, faculty, and
the technical developers.

Within SPA, the EGMS Coordinator will report to the Director of
Operations who is responsible for management of the electronic research
administration activities within SPA.  The EGMS coordinator in SPA will
supervise the EGMS Business Analysts, EGMS Business Help Line staff, and
other EGMS support staff and will provide ongoing assistance to Grant
Administrators and Support Staff in SPA.  Outside of SPA, the EGMS
Coordinator will take direction from the 2 Assistant Vice Presidents for
Research who are responsible for ERA at University, and the EGMS Project
Manager, with respect to issues of EGMS development, enhancement, and
maintenance. He/She will also work with EGMS technical developers and
the EGMS Communications Coordinator on design, other technical issues,
and to insure effective communications to all users in the University

Academic:     Bachelor of Arts/Science in Business Administration,
Management Information Systems, or related area.
Experience:    At least three years experience in a business or
administrative setting dealing with project management and/or the
development and implementation of systems.  Experience in grants
administration at an academic institution.  Supervisory and management

Appointment.  This is a 12 month annually renewable professional
appointment.  Salary commensurate with experience.

Application Process:

Applicants should send a letter of application describing their interest
and qualifications for this position, a resume, and addresses and
telephone numbers of at least 3 references to EGMS Coordinator Search
committee, OVPR, University of Minnesota, 411 Johnston Hall, 101
Pleasant Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55455.

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