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Job Candidate John Cosgrove 21 May 2001 11:17 EST

A few of you who were at the SRA regional meeting in Rockville are aware
that, not only am I recruiting someone to take my place (I will be Interim
Director of the Office of Research until 6/30) but that I wanted to give
one of you in the NY area a gift. The gift comes in the form of one Amy
Zier, who I hired to help cover my desk (until 6/30) at our graduate school
of social service where I am and once again will be full time Associate
Dean for Research and Sponsored Projects (you aren't rid of me yet).

Amy is a magna and summa cum laude from undergrad and grad school
respectively. I took her away from her work as a clinician in a hospital to
the great disappointment of that institution. She started, after meeting
with faculty to learn of their interests, by reviewing electronic and other
sources of funding announcements and matching them to faculty. The praise
for her skill in this regard began immediately and has not stopped. She is
a great team player and also has a way about her that enabled her to deal
successfully with even the most difficult faculty. She has been on contract
for four days a week, yet been able to cover that office, which is on
another campus, to the point that I never have any voice mail! She handles
almost all the questions about grants and contracts from our rather large
school. She comes in early, stays late, never sick or late and has even
come in on a holiday when she determined the work required it. She is the
single most reliable person who has EVER worked for me. Like the rest of
us, she's a little crazy, she enjoys research administration.

My problem is that I can only offer her some unrelated, short term work on
soft money.  However, she deserves more than  a patched together position
and insecurity. I would love to see her have an opportunity to develop and
grow in our profession.

You may reach Amy directly at or 212 636 6622.

John Cosgrove

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