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career ladders in research administration sharon@xxxxxx 17 May 2001 08:38 EST

The University of Maine is interested in restructuring our workforce
to provide for clear-cut career ladders in research administration. I'd
love to hear from those of you who have systems that proceed from
Trainee to Research Administrator I (II, III, etc) or Grant Accountant
I to II to III, or similarly designated steps. Descriptions of your
system and comments on its strengths and weaknesses would be
especially welcome. I suspect the topic may be of interest to many
on the list, but please feel free to respond to me directly.

Sharon Jackiw, Associate Director
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
University of Maine
5717 Corbett Hall
Orono ME 04469-5717
phone 207.581.1480
fax   207.581.1446

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