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NIH Modular Effort Clarification Doris Oravec 15 May 2001 12:32 EST
I have been requested to provide clarification regarding effort for the
PI on a NIH modular proposal.

It is generally understood that faculty work on research efforts over
the course of the academic year but do not necessarily draw salary from
the research award. For this budget we have the faculty in for two
months summer at 100%. I have been asked to state the percent effort
during the academic year or indicate that this is a summer project only.

This faculty will be supervising the graduate students and working on
this project over the course of the academic year but will be receiving
no academic year salary from the award. We can define a percentage but
don't necessarily want to commit to a cost share situation and
subsequent documentation.

Has anyone else run into this situation and how did you handle it?

Doris Oravec