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Blackball PI question Tania H. Clucas 02 May 2001 15:07 EST

This is very tricky, and I don't see how we could legitimately do this.
We have been the proxy agency for some pass through funds - did the RFP
thing, reviewed and paneled proposals, the whole shebang. One (more than
one realistically) proposal was funded because of the political nature
of the PI and the project. The PI has screwed us over (which was a given
from the start, he has a bad reputation), and the folks higher up than
me have asked this question:

How can we legally announce to the community that this individual is a
no goodnik?

His institution has washed their hands of his shenanigans as well, and
we like them, they've done everything they can to make good, but it
doesn't change the facts - he screwed us over.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions outside of whisper campaigns, etc? My
people want to do something above board and defensible to get this guy.
It may be that we can't really do anything, considering the litigious
world we live in.

Thanks for your help/thoughts.

 Accountability and accounting are not the same thing

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