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Re: Indirect Costs on Subcontracts Tania H. Clucas 28 Feb 2001 13:30 EST

Eleanor -

I've done it - we had a sub at U Texas, and when our rate was 50%, and the
TX rate at the time was 51% or 53%. I just remember pointing that out when
our faculty whined about the F&A rate. We also deal with a good deal of
pass through funds here, as I work with the NURP and Sea Grant Programs,
and we have sub-awards with rates all over the place, some of which are
higher than our current rate (51.3% MTDC).

As long as it is their appropriate rate, as approved by their cognizant
agency, there shouldn't be a regulatory problem, to my reckoning.

Good luck!


"Eleanor M. Cicinsky" wrote:

> Can a prime awardee issue subcontract  on a grant at a higher indirect
> cost rate than the rate provided the prime awardee.?
> As an example:    our rate is 25% and our subcontractor rate is 55%.
> Eleanor

 Accountability and accounting are not the same thing

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