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Summer Salaries for Graduate Research Assistants Wilma G. Ennenga (12 Feb 2001 19:23 EST)

Summer Salaries for Graduate Research Assistants Wilma G. Ennenga 12 Feb 2001 19:23 EST

A faculty member is proposing to provide academic year salary to his
graduate students, and to provide travel to and subsistence at a remote
field location during the summers. However, this faculty member says that
he has never funded graduate research assistant salaries during the summer
because the students are pursuing their thesis research. He also is
concerned about discord among his graduate research assistants when it
comes out (as it will) that some are receiving a summer salary.

I think the issue is to what extent the faculty member's project benefits
from the labor of the students during the summer. The faculty member feels
that the students already benefit from receiving travel and subsistence to
work on their thesis research during the summer, and he points out that
many many students do not receive any support to do their thesis fieldwork.

What do you think?


Winnie Ennenga
Senior Grant and Contract Administrator
Northern Arizona University

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