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Re: International Travel Mary Watson (12 Feb 2001 17:39 EST)

Re: International Travel Mary Watson 12 Feb 2001 17:39 EST

A few years ago I got approval to send two PIs to Germany for a conference
(it was the end of their work/grant and they had funds available - approval
was relatively simple to obtain).


At 10:45 AM 2/12/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Has anyone encountered any problems with using OSERS grant money to attend
>an international conferece to give a paper?
>Sue Keehn, Associate Director
>Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
>University of Arkansas at Little Rock
>(P) 501-569-8474
>(F) 501-371-7614

Mary H. Watson
Director, Grants and Contracts
Room 215, Regional Center for Continuing Education
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA  31698

229-333-7837 (phone)
229-245-3853 (Fax)

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