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Institute for Science Philanthropy Julie Feldkamp 05 Feb 2001 15:27 EST

Are any of you familiar with the Institute for Science Philanthropy?  They
have recently sent the following announcement to Community of Science
subscribers and I now have faculty inquiring about the institute.  The ISP
website is at:
Julie Feldkamp

Dear (COS) Investigator,

We would like to invite you to apply for funding through our organization.

The Institute for Science Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that
matches philanthropist interest with investigators' projects.

We are involved in finding philanthropists interested in funding basic and
applied science at the level of the individual investigator; our aim is to
bring  the philanthropists in contact with the researchers. The money is
made available  immediately for a recipient's work, with 94% of the
original grant made  available to a recipient.

If you are interested in applying to TISP, please fill out the short
application at our online site at It is important that you
give a lay description of your project. That lay description will
appear on our WebSite after the application is complete.
Your name and institution will be confidential until we identify a
potential donor.

Please remember that the lay description should be intelligible to
nonscientists and nonclinicians.

This application is not peer-reviewed and should be brief.
Please also let us know whether you are willing to speak to a potential

Grantors have no rights to the intellectual property that ensues.

To apply:
Go to TISP site (
Click on "For the Scientist"
Select "Online Form" from possible choices
(Note: Notes section is for your confidential notes to us and is visible
only to  those maintaining the site.The Projects section is intended for
your prospective  project(s))
Fill out the information form as it scrolls through your name and address,
educational background, projects and publications.

FAX: If you are unable to enter your application, you may fax it directly
to (509) 756-9878. At this time, please disregard any phone numbers or fax
numbers listed on the site itself. They are temporarily not in operation.

Researchers may add as many project, education and publication records to
his/her record as s/he wants. Access to these records will come up
immediately following the successful completion of the on-line form. All
records are editable by the researcher using his/her password.


Allen Grant Richards
Cary Clayborn, VP of Operations
The Institute for Science Philanthropy

Julie A. Feldkamp
Senior Project Representative, DRDA
University of Michigan
1054 Wolverine Tower
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1274
(734) 763-4522
(734) 764-8510 FAX

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