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IRB Membership Nancy Peterson 01 Feb 2001 11:43 EST

I'm repeating some info that recently appeared on the NCURA Region
IV listserv.  I thought I'd get some responses from a broader group
of research administrators.

The following is finding #47 from the Division of Compliance Oversight
from OHRP

"Conflict Resulting from Office of Research Support ( Sponsored
Programs) Serving as a Voting Member of the IRB.  HHS Regulations at 45
CFR 46.107(e) stipulate that no IRB member may participate in the
initial or continuing review of any project in which the member has a
conflicting interest.  OHRP finds that the Director of the Office of
Research Support ( ORS) ( OR that indiivulas from ORS whose duties
create a real or apparent conflicting interest should not serve as
voting IRB members."

Here's my dilema.

I serve as an ex-officio voting member of our IRB.  We are not a research
intensive university, but we apply the IRB-related federal regulations to
all research activities regardless of source of support.  Most of the
proposals we review are not externally funded.  (In fact we've had only
a handful in the past 10 years.)  We do not have an IRB office or staff
person.  The faculty serving on the IRB are volunteers.  By default, I
provide continuity and guidance to the IRB.

My salary is covered by institutional funds, but office operating
expenses are allocated based on the amount of indirect costs the
institution receives.  If a proposal was submitted to the IRB that was
also being submitted to a funding agency, I would exclude myself from
voting on that particular proposal as a possible conflict of financial

Does anyone see any conflict in a Sponsored Research person serving as a
voting member on an IRB if they exclude themselves from voting on research
protocols involving possible federal funding?


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