new rouge system for grants submission. BOB 30 Nov 2000 17:24 EST

How can the University of New Hampshire Center for Non-Lethal TechnoIogy
Innovation Center possibly be asking this group for help with a on-line
application system that allows people to send proposals directly to it and
BYPASS their local grants office???

I cannot find any reference to obtaining approval from one's own
university.  Yet the system asks for explicit dollars and project duration.
The proposal is uploaded to the site directly by the submitter.

For the past two years people on this listserv have been complaining about
private and federal agencies who are bypassing local authorization with
electronic submissions.

Is it the policy of UNH to allow faculty to submit proposals to outside
agencies with out local approval?

At a recent meeting of the FDP, Julie Norris,  Director of Sponsored
Programs at MIT suggested the term "Rogue Systems" for those that did not
involve local grants office approval.  I use that term here.

Robert Beattie
Manager,  Electronic Research Administration and
 Senior Project Representative
The University of Michigan

--On Thursday, November 30, 2000 2:59 PM -0500 Andy Shepard
<xxxxxx@UNH.EDU> wrote:

> Hi Fellow Resadmin's,
> Please pass this message along to any faculty that may be interested in
> submitting a proposal to the RFP below.
> The University of New Hampshire is one of a few Universities with a Center
> for Non-Lethal TechnoIogy Innovation Center funded by DOD. As such we have
> been asked to solicit proposals nation-wide.
> If anyone knows of a better way to disseminate an RFP nationally, we
> certainly would be open to suggestions.
> Thanks for your help in distributing this information.


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