FY' 2000 National Request for Proposals Andy Shepard 30 Nov 2000 14:59 EST

Hi Fellow Resadmin's,

Please pass this message along to any faculty that may be interested in
submitting a proposal to the RFP below.

The University of New Hampshire is one of a few Universities with a Center
for Non-Lethal TechnoIogy Innovation Center funded by DOD. As such we have
been asked to solicit proposals nation-wide.

If anyone knows of a better way to disseminate an RFP nationally, we
certainly would be open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help in distributing this information.

Non-lethal Technology Innovation Center
Parsons Hall G101 - Durham NH 03824 - USA
Tel:  (603) 862-4540

The Non-lethal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC), located at the
of New Hampshire, is inviting Innovative Research Project (IRP) preliminary
proposals and Exploration Survey and Review (ESR) proposals for project
funding consideration.

IRP Grants - NTIC is soliciting innovative research proposals to address
military options that deny an area to personnel or vehicles in rural-open
areas using either aqueous or non-aqueous slippery materials.

ESR Grants - NTIC is soliciting proposals that will provide an assessment of

future technology and trends that may provide potential applications for NLW

technology.  Reviews or surveys should address such topics as biotechnology
and nanotechnology  (exclusive of MEMs).  Additionally, reviews in the area
of health or human effects of non-lethal technologies will be considered.

The deadline for submitting IRP preliminary proposals and ESR proposals is
Monday, January 8, 2001 no later than 0800. Proposals must be submitted in
electronic form only. The electronic format should be from any recent
of Microsoft office software. Proposals should be submitted to
https://ntic-grants.sr.unh.edu/grants. Handwritten or facsimile
transmissions, as well as electronic proposals received after the deadline
will not be considered.  Proposals, which are incomplete, or do not follow
the guidelines will also not be considered.

It is anticipated that proposal award decisions will be made by January 19,
2001.  ESR project funds should be available by January 26*, 2001 (*project
fund distribution date is subject to administrative constraints from each
Contracting Office).

Invitations for full IRP proposals will be distributed immediately following

pre-proposal evaluations (January 19, 2001). The deadline for submission of
full proposal will be Monday, February 5, 2001 no later than 0800, with an
anticipated funding date of March 26, 2001.

For inquiries regarding proposals, or to access the full details of this RFP

electronically, log on to the NTIC website www.unh.edu/ntic then follow the
link to FY'2000 National Request for IRP Preliminary and ESR Proposals.

Andy Shepard                      Phone: (603) 862-2436
Office of Sponsored Research      Fax: (603) 862-3564
University of New Hampshire    Email: xxxxxx@unh.edu
Durham, NH 03824-3585     http://www.unh.edu/osr/index.html

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