Re: Legitimate Expense or Not Tania H. Clucas 03 Nov 2000 15:32 EST

When we've had accidents happen during travel on sponsored projects and
the department always pays the deductible out of departmental funds, not
from the award funds.

Section 21 of A21 covers insurance, but I'm not certain how much help that
will be. Probably none.

Good luck,


Cathy Richards - Spon Research wrote:

> Would appreciate your opinion on the following:
> We recently had a faculty member working on a federally funded
> grant from a remote location over the summer.  During this time, he
> rented a vehicle and was in a minor accident that resulted in $250
> damage.  The faculty member purchased renter's insurance,
> however there was a $500 deductible.  Who should be responsible
> for the damage?  The University, the grant, or the faculty member?
> C. Richards

 Accountability and accounting are not the same thing

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