Re: UCLA OPPORTUNITIES: Executive Director, Research Administrat ion and Director Office of Intellectual Property Administration Herran, F. Edward 21 Sep 2000 15:37 EST

Mary Laura,

Hope all is going well with you. I still look back
fondly on the trip to Omaha.  Thanks for making the
program and the social events so good!

Do I look like a California type of guy?  Do you
think I should stick with the midwest?


F. Edward Herran
Director, Medicine Research Administration
Indiana University Medical Center
Ph.      317-274-8664
Fax      317-274-7499

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Subject: FW: UCLA OPPORTUNITIES: Executive Director, Research
Administrat ion and Director Office of Intellectual Property

I'm forwarding this to the list as I'm sure there are some interested and
talented research administrators out there looking for new opportunities and

 I would very much appreciate your reviewing the letter below and its
> attachments. These challenging/rewarding positions at UCLA, one of our
> leading research institutions, are very attractive and I do hope you will
> have interest and/or suggestions. Thank you.
> .
> The StratfordGroup has been retained by UCLA to assist with the
> recruitment of an Executive Director, Research Administration and Director
> Office of Intellectual Property Administration.  Attached are Position
> Specifications which describes the responsibilities and role of the
> positions, and the  attributes sought.  This communication is being sent
> to prospective candidates and individuals who can refer me to prospective
> candidates.  Thus, your interest and/or assistance are welcome.
> If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please send me your
> resume if you have not already done so.  Please provide as much relevant
> information as possible to include your work history for each position
> held including:
> *  Company/institution/business unit/department-description, location,
> size; key indicators, i.e., extramural funding, budget, FTE's, etc.
> *      Position title-description of role, scope of responsibility.
> *      Reporting relationships-organization chart of your business
> unit/department within the overall structure; reporting relationship
> vertically; functions directly reporting to you.
> *      Dates of employment.
> *      Accomplishments within each position.
> *      Reasons for change/departure.
> This detailed information enables us to better evaluate your potential
> match with our client's need.  If it is not in your resume, feel free to
> hand write or provide the additional information separately in any format.
> Any information about your background, experience or personal attributes
> which can provide additional insights which relate most closely to the
> requirements in the enclosed Position Specification will be most welcome.
> If you are not interested, please give us your thoughts on prospective
> candidates either by email, fax, or telephone or, if you prefer, a simple
> handwritten note at the bottom of this letter.  We appreciate your
> consideration of this request and your early response.
>    <<UCLA-DOIPA.doc>>             <<UCLA.ED RA.doc>>
> Martin B. Ross, Dr. P.H.
> Director
> StratfordGroup
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> Los Angeles, CA  90025
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> FAX: 310.979.7462
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