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Human Subjects Software Dianne Rice 27 Apr 2000 10:46 EST

After several years of investigation into electronic research
administration software, we selected the InfoEd modules at Clemson.    If
you look at the new compliance modules, you will see a dramatic difference
from the past SPAS module offered by InfoEd.  We are now on the web-based
version and are extremely pleased with the database and reporting
functions.  Currently, the Animal Subjects and Human Subjects are being
used.  Plans are to implement chemical hazards upon release.  Clemson is
using the Proposal Tracking module, as well.   InfoEd has offered great
customer service.  In fact, we had an on-site training session yesterday
and were able to review some of the planned enhancements to the system --
they were impressive.

Dianne Rice
Program Coordinator
Office for Sponsored Programs

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From: Michael Pelletier [SMTP:xxxxxx@EDC.ORG]
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 4:39 PM
To:   xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG
Subject:      Human Subjects Software

Can anyone recommend a software package (either commercially available or
home-grown) to assist in the management of Human Subjects compliance
ctivities?  I saw some negative comments about the SPAS and RAMS
packages in the listserv archive, but found no positive feedback on those or
any other systems.
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I am certain replies to the listserv would be appreciated, but if you
prefer to respond privately my address is

Thanks very much for any responses--

 Michael Pelletier
 Education Development Center, Inc.

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