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Re: WP Fonts, PDF Conversions Rich Magyar 26 Apr 2000 08:58 EST

>From: Mike Ludwick <xxxxxx@WM.EDU>
>Subject: WP Fonts, PDF Conversions
>As many of you know NSF has warned us about using Word
>Perfect symbol fonts in proposals because Acrobat often will not
>convert them to PDF.  However, it seems that Corel has updated
>its fonts to allow Adobe Acrobat Distiller version 4.XX to embed
>these fonts into Portable Document Files (PDF's).

Font compatibility seems crucial in order to correctly generate PDF's.

Has anyone seen a resource for fonts that "guarantee" compatibility with
Acrobat?   I'm not just referring to sticking with 'Times New Roman', but
also variables like Postscript vs. TrueType, what -version- of a font is
best, and is the same font available across platforms?

It would be nice to have a handful of fonts that we could confidently use in
our office, and recommend to our PI's, which would consistantly translate
into quality PDF's.

Thanks for your time,
Rich Magyar
System Admin
Eastern Michigan University
Office of Research Development

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