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Re: Audit Procedures Gregory K. Schmidt 24 Apr 2000 14:56 EST

One of the nice things about being a state organization in Florida is we don't
have this question.  Anyone who wants to look at any records (physical or
electronic) has the opportunity to do so.  We really do live in the sunshine
state, and our sunshine laws are taken very seriously.

Aside from any restrictions contained in your subcontract, I would imagine
that the prime contractor would have rights to review the charges against
their award, including payrolls, effort reporting, vouchers, canceled checks,

Valerie Seaquist wrote:

> I am curious about how other universities handle audit requests from
> commercial funding agencies. Do you allow a commercial funding agency
> (Federal pass-through award) direct access to your
> fiscal/payroll/contractual records for a post-project audit or do you
> require that they conduct the audit through your cognizant audit agent? Or
> do you have some other response or process?
> Thanks
> Val Seaquist
> Office of Research Administration

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