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USDA ARS awards - Expanded Authority? Tania H. Clucas 24 Apr 2000 13:19 EST


I have a couple of expanded authority questions on ARS awards.
Conveniently, no one on our campus seems to have the provisions, and I
need to learn some things before the copies of the provisions I have
requested from USDA get here.

Would we have expanded authority on ARS awards? Where would I find the
reference under the circulars and/or CFR to back it up or tell me no

I've been cruising the circulars trying to figure this out, and have
decided that I need to do another thorough read through of the
circulars. I learn something new every time. But I haven't answered my
question, though I learned some other useful things.
Therefore - I turn to you, o wise and knowledgeable list members.

Thank you,

Tania Clucas

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