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Customer satisfaction survey - postaward services Ruth Smith 12 Apr 2000 14:10 EST

While I am sure this is a "yawn, here we go again" topic for many list
members, I am looking for help to develop two different types of survey
instruments.  Our dollar volume and number of sponsored programs is
increasing faster than existing systems can adapt.  This is a good point
at which to assess our customers' postaward needs and what we can do
The first instrument is a comprehensive survey to find out
investigators' satisfaction level and unmet needs.  We want to take a
baseline reading in the very near future then do a follow up survey with
more or less the same questions in six or so months.
The second is more of a generic transactional questionnaire.  It should
be something short and simple to essentially identify who did what and
how well they did it.  In addition to questionnaire ideas, your input on
what sort of transactions we should assess would be helpful.
Any assistance you can provide will be very much appreciated.  Thanks!

 Ruth Smith, Administrative Director
 Research Business Office
 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
 313 Abramson Building
 34th Street & Civic Center Blvd.
 Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399
 Telephone 215-590-0554
 FAX 215-590-4933

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