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Re: Adobe 4.0 question Joe Titone (07 Apr 2000 15:36 EST)

Re: Adobe 4.0 question Joe Titone 07 Apr 2000 15:36 EST

>Now for my question - Does your institution provide a site license for new
>software/upgrade such as Abode 4.0 ? How are other institutions handling
>this problem?
>Nancy Dean

Our university provides a solution I have not seen described on this list.
For $75/node, ISD provides more software than you can use via the Novell
Application Launcher.  So when you boot up each day, all your software is
made available to you in one window.  ISD takes care of all updates,
patches, Y2K fixes, etc.  Thus everyone in my department is always using
the exact same software.

We get Office 2000 Professional, the full Adobe Acrobat package,
WordPerfect, a telnet client, email, both browsers, Norton Anti-Virus,
PageMill, and several other utilities and applications.
We also get free support.  At the price cited I'm sure they have a site
license with Adobe.  Since I do the web pages, for $75 extra I get all the
other Adobe products including Photoshop.

The only problem I've run into with this setup had to do with scanned
signatures in NSF FastLane when we did not have access to version 3.0 of
Adobe Acrobat.  This was temporary and ceased to be a problem when NSF
provided instructions for users with version 4.0.

Joe Titone
Dept. of Contracts and Grants
Univ. of Southern California
213 740-6069

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