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Re: Adobe 4.0 question Rosemary Ruff (06 Apr 2000 16:50 EST)

Re: Adobe 4.0 question Rosemary Ruff 06 Apr 2000 16:50 EST

David et al.,

One cannot save the form data with Reader.  I just checked and Adobe still
posts this restriction on Reader on its web pages. Business Tools was
created specifically to bridge the gap between the free Reader and the full
Acrobat suite.   Also, Adobe has, in the past, prohibited the use of
Acrobat as a serverside application.  I believe they still do but but
haven't checked that in a while.  Maybe they have something new in the way
of licensing.  I'm not sure this is what you meant below by installing on a
"central" machine but I wanted to warn folks just in case.  Of course it is
alright to allow one user at a time access to a centrally located machine.


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