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MAC/IBM Word/PDF Question Wilma G. Ennenga 06 Apr 2000 15:02 EST

HELPPPPPP! When printing to PDF from Microsoft Word, I have a problem with
the document margins indicating 1" in the Word file, but translating to
1.25 in the PDF version. Has anyone ever run into this problem, and did you
find a solution? The Word file was prepared on a Mac and then tranferred to
a PC to print to PDF.



Wilma G. (Winnie) Ennenga
Senior Grant and Contract Administrator

Office of Grant and Contract Services
Northern Arizona University
Babbitt Administrative Center, Room 100E
Knoles Drive, Building 51
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4130

Tele. (520) 523-8319
FAX   (520) 523-1075

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