Re: Adobe 4.0 question David Battey 06 Apr 2000 13:14 EST

From the information that I'm familiar with, Adobe doesn't offer a site license
but prices their software per node (computer).  I've tried to get different
packages of licensing from them in the past and it was to no avail.  However,
the upgrade from Adobe 3 only cost about $90-$100 per machine (Compusult).  One
solution would be to install the purchased Acrobat 4 program on a "central" PC
and the free Reader on all of the others in your office.  That way, every one
can view/fill-out/print/save PDF files for free.  The Acrobat 4 PC application
would only have to be accessed to create new PDF files.

To address choices 1 and 2 of your message:
Acrobat Reader 4 will save the "completed" forms with the user data.  Many
people have not upgraded their versions of the FREE Adobe Reader from v3 to
v4?.  The v4 adds the capabilities to save PDF files that are being viewed
and/or completed (even in the web browser plugin).  If they are iPDF files, the
typed information is saved in the PDF output file.  (You must use the SAVE
button on the Acrobat Reader toolbar.)

We do create PDFs for many of our researchers to assist them in submissions.  It
is hard to require a faculty member to purchase a piece of software that they
may only use once or twice a year.  One solution is to have them email
(attachment) the DOC to you, do the conversion, and return the PDF to them
(attachment).  This has not proven too disruptive - those who use Acrobat more
frequently don't seem to mind the purchase.

I hope that this info helps.  Rosemary Ruff <>  works with
PDFs frequently and could probably provide more information than I have here.


"Dean,Nancy N." wrote:

> Many of the foundations (AHA, ACS, CF) will be or already are requiring
> electronic submission. For the AHA deadline (6/15) you have three choices,
> 1) complete the forms using Adobe Acrobat 4.0  OR  2) complete the forms
> using the free Abode reader software, however, you can only view and print
> with this option and NOT save the file (how convenient)! OR 3) print the
> forms through a PDF file and complete them using a typewriter. Ok, there's
> the background!
> Now for my question - Does your institution provide a site license for new
> software/upgrade such as Abode 4.0 ? How are other institutions handling
> this problem?
> Nancy Dean
> Research Administrator
> Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
> University of Connecticut Health Center
> 860-679-4397 (Tel)
> 860-679-2670 (Fax)

[:)] Dave

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