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Re: Occupational Safety & Animal Handlers Rosemary Ruff (06 Apr 2000 12:57 EST)

Re: Occupational Safety & Animal Handlers Rosemary Ruff 06 Apr 2000 12:57 EST


Thanks!  This is great.  If I can return the favor sometime, let me
know.     Are you planning to be at regional later this month?  I am hoping
to make it.  The new job is keeping me hopping.  (What a surprise.....)  If
possible, I'd like to buy you a cup of tea.


At 11:35 AM 4/6/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Dr. Charles W. ("Bill") Henry, DVM, Director of our Division of Animal
>Resources, has provided the attached information regarding VCU's practices
>on this subject.
>If the attachment doesn't get through, contact me separately for a reply
>with it attached.
>Herbert B. Chermside, CRA
>Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
>Virginia Commonwealth University
>PO BOX 980568
>Richmond, VA  23298-0568
>Express Delivery Only:
>         Sanger Hall, Rm. 1-073
>         11th & Marshall Streets
>         Richmond, VA  23219
>Voice:  804-828-6772
>Fax     804-828-2521
>OFFICE e-mail   xxxxxx@VCU.EDU
>Personal e-mail

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