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Occupational Safety & Animal Handlers Rosemary Ruff (04 Apr 2000 15:55 EST)

Occupational Safety & Animal Handlers Rosemary Ruff 04 Apr 2000 15:55 EST

Auburn is working on a policy for protecting the health and safety of
faculty, staff, and students who work with animals (vertebrates and
invertebrates).  I would like to know about your institution's have
policies, especially with regard to health status (screening) and
prevention/prophylaxsis (mandatory or voluntary).  I would appreciate
either actual policies or references to faculty/staff who can give me


Rosemary H. Ruff                                VOICE: 334-844-4438
Associate Director                              FAX:   334-844-5953
Office of Institutional Review and Compliance
310 Samford Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849-5131

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