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Assistant Project Manager Positions Anne Powell 04 Apr 2000 10:06 EST


 The University of Delaware invites applications for the position of Assistant
Project Manager.  The Assistant Project Manager reports to a Project Manager in
the Office of the Vice Provost for Research to provide support of the Project
Manager on all aspects of a contracts and grants administration process that is
based on a single point-of-contact service delivery model.  In this model, the
Assistant Project Manager has responsibility for compiling and analyzing data
and for providing recommendations for approval of all documents required in a
process that begins with the synthesis of proposals and concludes with the close
and archiving of associated awards.  In order to optimize service to Faculty,
Staff, Graduate Students, and Sponsors, the Assistant Project Manager must
maintain database for the grants management system which supports the
administrative actions during the life of a contract and grant.  The Assistant
Project Manager acts as a professional resource to faculty and staff and
functions in a cooperative and coordinated manner within the project management


 1.     Compile, verify for accuracy, and correlate relevant data for all project
management transactions for the following documents:  proposals, pre-award
requests, awards, budget revisions, award extensions, equipment requisitions,
journal vouchers, and S contracts.  Ensure that all documents meet required
conditions and work with faculty and staff to correct information that does not
meet required University and Sponsor criteria.  Recommend approval of documents
to the Project Manager.  Extract critical data from awards and update the grants
management system database.

 2.     Assist faculty and staff with the development of requests to sponsors for
approval of changes that occur during award administration.  Work closely with
individual sponsors to ensure that such requests meet compliance requirements.
These transactions typically include budget revisions, award modifications, and
changes in project detail.

 3.     Analyze individual accounts and prepare sponsor interim financial reports.
Prepare required final reports for all contracts and grants in accordance with
university policies and procedures and sponsor regulations.  Final reports
include those pertaining to:  finances and financial transactions, equipment,
cost sharing, intellectual property, and sub-contracts.

 4.     Provide advice and assistance to Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and
Administrators concerning policies, procedures, and sponsor rules and
regulations in the preparation and submission of proposals and the
administration of awards.

 5.     Establish a working relationship with various governmental funding agencies,
corporations and private foundations to enable issues and questions to be
addressed on a timely basis.  Create and maintain a library of required
references including federal and state regulations and individual sponsor
guidelines and requirements.

 6.     Supervise, train and evaluate staff and work-study students that support the
project management teams.

 7.     Perform other duties as assigned.

 A bachelor's degree is preferred.  Three years of contracts and grants
experience in a University, Federal agency, or Foundation is desirable.
Equivalent, related experience of a minimum of five years will be considered.
Experience is required in the use of personal computer systems for the
manipulation of data bases, word processing programs and spreadsheets, such as
Lotus 123 or Excel.  Excellent oral and written skills are also required.
Knowledge of accounting principles is desired.  The ability to assist in the
development of tutorials and workshops for faculty and administrators is

 Send letter of application, with resume and names of three references to Mr.
Dennis Collins, Chair, Assistant Project Manager Search Committee, Office of the
Vice Provost for Research, 210 Hullihen Hall, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
19716.  Closing date for receipt of applications is April 13, 2000.

The University of Delaware, an Equality Opportunity Employer, encourages
applications from minority group members and women.

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