wild bird research Gina Lee Glauser 14 Jan 2000 11:27 EST

Thanks in advance for your speedy assistance.

A visiting reseach assistant professor (2 yr. contract) would like to
submit a research proposal to NIH.  In order for him to study a wild
bird behavior, he would like to capture, mark, and release these
wild bird.  He personally has a federal permit to carry out capturing,
marking and releasing of wild animal.

PROBLEM:  Our insititution does not have a license to work with
any animals.  If the PI doesn't perform capturing, marking, and
releasing activities and has his own federal permit, is the institution
clear?  Or, what do we need to do to protect the welfare of animal
as well as to perform the research?
What do we need (or approval) for the same professor to perform a
similar task via previous arrangement in Costa Rica?


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