WSU Grants Office Assessment Survey

"The Mission of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research is to support WSUians in seeking, securing and administering public and private grants that contribute to individuals' professional development, strengthen the quality of the institution's academic and support programs, and enhance the stature of the University."

To assess our efforts in pursuing that mission, we would appreciate it if WSUians would take a moment to complete the following survey before May 15, 1999.

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Please respond to the following in the fields given.

Do you read the hard copy monthly WSU Grants Bulletin?    YES    NO

How often do you vist the Grants Office Web site? 

Do you have a Faculty and Staff Interests Profile on file in the Grants Office?    YES    NO

Have you been receiving email notices about funding opportunities regularly?    YES    NO

Are the notices (email or hard copy) you receive appropriate to your interests?   YES    NO

Have you followed up on any of the notices sent to you?   YES    NO

How many external grant proposals have you authored in the last 3 years?   

How many external grants have you received in the last 3 years?  

The Grants Office tailors services to provide faculty, staff and students as much (or as little) assistance as needed.  Indicate which of the following services you have used in the last 3 years and your satisfaction level (1=poor and 5=great) with the service provided. 

Service Don't
Poor Ave. Great
0 1 2 3 4 5
Funding source research
Funding source staff contacts
Grants Office open presentations
Grants Director classroom lectures
Securing application materials
Proposal guidelines analysis
Project planning
Proposal outlining
Institutional narrative copy
Editorial advice
Budget preparation
Securing institutional approvals
Proposal production
Proposal packaging and delivery
Post-award publicity
Establishing Business Office accounts
Preparing reports to funding sources

If you have worked with the Grants Office staff in any other capacity,
please describe the situation and evaluate your experience.
(Maximum length is 300 characters.)

Other comments or suggestions are welcome!!
(Maximum length is 300 characters.)


Grants Director
Nancy Kay Peterson