Instructions for subscribing to and using RESADM-L

To subscribe to RESADM-L, email The subject and the body of the email can be empty.

After sending your email, you will receive a response from the ListServ. Reply to this email (leaving the subject line intact!) and just enter in the word "OK" as the first line of the body of the email. Based on your email client, you may also have a weblink in the body of the email you could alternatively click to confirm rather than sending your "OK" email. You will then immediately start to recieve all emails sent to the list. If you don't get this confirmation email, check your Junk/Spam folder, and check with your IT department. We are unable to assist you in troubleshooting your organization's email filters.

To send a message to the list, email the list at RESADM-L@LISTS.HEALTHRESEARCH.ORG; remember that your email is forwarded verbatim to the entire list!

To leave the list, email The subject and the body of the email can be empty.

Any desired changes to your list preferences should be sent to with the appropriate command (the boldfaced text) in the BODY of the note:

To turn on the option that allows you to receive your own messages that you submit to the list: SET RESADM-L REPRO

To temporarily suspend the sending of email to your account (for example if you were going on vacation and do not want your email box to fill up):  SET RESADM-L NOMAIL

When you want to turn the mail back on: SET RESADM-L MAIL

To receive a digest (daily collection of messages) rather than every message deparately:  SET RESADM-L DIGEST

To send a message to a list owner, email them at

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