Instructions for subscribing to and using RESADM-L

All commands should be sent to with the command (the boldfaced text) in the body of the note:

To subscribe to the list, send an email with the command SUBSCRIBE RESADM-L firstname lastname (remember to substitute your first and last name!)

NOTE - After sending your subscription request, you will receive *2* response emails. Within the SECOND email (the lengthier one!) there is a web link to click on in order to confirm your new subscription. If you don't do this step, you won't be subscribed!


To sumbit a message to the list, remember to email the list at RESADM-L@LISTS.HEALTHRESEARCH.ORG; remember that your email is forwarded verbatim to the entire list!

To turn on the option that allows you to receive your own messages that you submit to the list: SET RESADM-L REPRO

To temporarily suspend the sending of email to your account (for example if you were going on vacation and do not want your email box to fill up):  SET RESADM-L NOMAIL

When you want to turn the mail back on: SET RESADM-L MAIL

To receive a digest (daily collection of messages) rather than every message deparately:  SET RESADM-L DIGEST

To send a message to a list owner, email them at

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